5 Social Marketing Strategies to Grow Ecommerce Sales

The greatest challenge that online store owners face is increasing traffic to their own ecommerce store. Knowing where to start and the way to stick out from the thousands of other shops which are competing for the exact same traffic is an intimidating challenge.

The explosion of growth in the ecommerce world has just made it more demanding for ecommerce websites to attract the critical mass of visitors needed to remain in business.

In this post I will give you 6 distinct strategies that will help you grow your online community and increase traffic that will help you boost sales. Pick on tactics and the strategies you find most interesting and suitable for your business and start seeing your business grow.

1. Post Daily Content for Continued Growth

Among the easiest methods to develop your societal communities over time would be to post content. Studies show that distinct audiences respond to posting frequencies that were different, so make sure you are testing the optimum frequency along with your personal audience or have a look at the participation levels in comparison to posting frequencies of your adversaries for some guidelines.

Two astonishing tools which may be used to automate this procedure are Swayy and Buffer. Swayy is ideal for finding high quality articles and news associated with your industry and allows you to schedule places to your distinct social networks. Buffer is a wildly popular program that may be incorporated along with your browser and dozens of other apps that will help you schedule posts to your own social networks. Using all these programs can allow you to cut off your time spent to half an hour or so a day on your social marketing.

2. When You Post TO Facebook… USE IMAGES! 

By including images within your posts, the best method to boost engagement on Facebook is. Pictures on Facebook have now been revealed to generate 50% more likes than the typical post over. When you wish to post an announcement or to boost a piece of content then include the web link to the page within the post (rather following the content so it stands out) and attach an image to the post.

Here’s an illustration from the Facebook page last week of Shopify:


Adding an image to an otherwise text-based announcement is far more persuasive and will increase click-through significantly.


3. Increase Exposure of your Communities With Social Buttons

The more opinions you might have on your social networks the more likely it’s you will get more likes. The very best way to drastically increase the number of impressions in your social networks is by embedding social buttons in your web site and within your marketing communications. Most websites have societal sharing buttons shown conspicuously to encourage readers to share this article.

A few of the areas you might want to consider to put buttons that are social:

  • Footer of site and your site
  • Header of site and your site
  • In your e-mail signature
  • Within site posts that are particular


4. Leverage Social Reviews to Automate Word of Mouth Marketing

Using merchandise reviews to produce trust and offer insights on your products is a great solution to increase sales.

Yotpo is a popular free social review program that’s available in the app store of Shopify. The app helps convert 8% of customers to reviewers over after purchase email which results in a large number of reviews being created through their mail. The most effective part is that this process is automated so you don’t have to spend time reaching out to try and get new product reviews. Here’s the way that it works:

Yotpo’s social features lets you connect Facebook accounts and your Twitter and post your user-generated product reviews straight to Twitter account or your Facebook business page. These reviews help bring visitors that is social to your own product pages which consequently increases sales. For amazing examples of shops taking complete benefit of social reviews take a look at the Facebook pages of KollectionK and RockinWellness.

We all are experiencing information overload, which suggests that people have less patience and less time to consume content. A growing trend among marketers that ought to be seriously contemplated by store owners that are online is the creation of bite sized chunks of content for consumption that is easy and quick.

Two great services which may be used to host such content is Soundcloud, a cloud-based sound file hosting service, and Vine, a relatively new video hosting service released by Twitter. Vine is a totally free cellular app that enables users to generate and post 6 second video clips that could certainly be shared on social media sites.

Some brands like Nascar, Doritos, as well as Urban Outfitters have started experimenting with Vine as a brand new tool.

5. Experiment With Titles that are Different in Your Blog Posts

Far more weight is carried by the title of a blog post than the average person should get as much focus as the information of the post and realizes. Below are some tips for optimizing your titles:

Use regular language
Leverage common psychological characteristics (urgency, anxiety, want, etc)
Keep it brief
Use negatives (Do Not do this vs. do this)
Begin the name with how many points you are going to make if you’re post is a list
Take a look at this amazing article on a post how its title helped it accomplish this astonishing feat and that received a large number of shares.

Help it become Simple for Customers to Share and Trap Your Products

Including social sharing buttons is a necessity for just about any online store that wants to take advantage of our social behavior that is inherent online. Make sure you contain buttons to the most popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest) and that they are not hidden away in your store’s theme.

Many decide to go in the way of selecting buttons that match their store’s theme but this might limit the percent of shares. Choosing brilliant buttons which stand out can help enhance the number of shares that may help drive new visitors to your own website.

Attempt to utilize a service like AddThis which has its own analytics and can be utilized to help you with locating the optimum placement and layout.