Five Ingredients Every Successful Email Campaign MUST Have!

Let us face it. It’s becoming harder and harder for an email to be a successful tool for a successful marketing campaign.

1. VALUE EXCHANGE – First and foremost, you NEED TO ensure that you will be offering something of value to your subscribers. The recipient is trading their valuable info (name, e-mail, etc.) for something that you are offering. It is just junk if there is no worth a.k.a. value. Worth can be added by simply by using coupon codes, offering discounts, and holding monthly giveaways. In copyblogger’s ebook, “Email Marketing: How to Shove Send and Grow Your Business”, 70% of consumers use coupons or discount codes that they received from email.

2. DOUBLE OPT IN & UNSUBSCRIBE – This could be as equally significant as my first point. Sending e-mail to your gigantic list of email addresses you just purchased is a huge no no. You must ALWAYS ensure your e-mail is 100% permission based. Sending unsolicited email is a recipe for disaster as well as in some situations can break laws and incur fines that are huge. This typically means that at some point, these people have opted in to receive marketing emails from your own business, or your email recipients have requested to receive the information you’re sending. A double opt-in occurs then a verification email is sent to the email address provided to confirm the email and subscription address and when a form is submitted to request advice and/or more information. How many people have used a fake email before just to get the goods? The double opt- in forces the individual to utilize a genuine email before the information and materials are released. This keeps your e-mail list clean and free from nonexistent email addresses. Additionally, as etiquette, supply the receiver using a means to unsubscribe in every email.

3. USEFUL, TARGETED CONTENT – From the subject line to your email signature, every element of the email must be well thought out. Is your subject line catchy enough to get them to open the email? Is it true that the requirement to read what you have sent is felt by the recipient? Is the message in your e-mail powerful and exceptional? Have you been promptly as assured, producing worth? Are you offering particular, targeted info to your audience? In addition to such things, it’s also important that the content you are supplying is easily shared on mediums and social media. Linking or creating to something interactive just like a YouTube video or contest may also be highly effective.

4. WORKFLOWS & CALLS TO ACTION – All of the above are extremely significant, but if you are only offering information that is free and never asking for anything more, you may be better off not sending anything in the first place. Every e-mail sent should have a proactive approach that moves the recipient/customer to another degree. It’s vital that you avoid seeming too much like a salesman, however additionally you have to offer a way for the receiver to “buy” or “learn more”. These links should ultimately guide them down your sales funnel. It’s also important to have a CRM or tracking software like Hubspot, SalesForce or InfusionSoft, so you reacting to, can see and create reports on what your receivers are opening, in addition to keep an eye on the contact in general.

5. ADJUST, eVALUATION, RESEND – Rarely is something perfect the very first time. A/B testing could be a powerful technique to determine what’s working and what is not. If you are sending out HTML emails, it is critical that you just analyze how the email will look on all of the leading email clients out there (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Mail etc.). Every client has it’s quirks, and adjustments regularly have to be made. Certain words and phrases in your e-mail body also can be spam causes for different email clients. Be sure to be conscious of if you would like to land in inboxes and avoid these. Testing, correcting, and resending should be a continuous refining procedure that is repeated over and over to accomplish the most effective results.