Four Lessons Learned From The Top Multi-Million Dollar Online Retailers

You are about to access millions of dollars worth of ecommerce website tweaking, and testing results at absolutely no charge.

The big guys, million dollar internet retailer sites have a bunch of things in common.  One of those is they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars tweaking and testing to improve their conversion rates.

If you take a close look you’ll discover what they’ve spent millions to learn.  You’ll spot all the patterns.  You’ll get all the big lessons they’ve already learned.

Here are 4 of them, in no particular order…

Lesson 1 – Risk Reduction For The Customer

Believe it or not, a certain percentage of your customers are scared — so they won’t buy anything.  They are terrified that you won’t deliver on your promises… or in other words, do what you say you are gonna to do.  They’re skeptical about giving out their personal & financial information to you.

They’re mortified that they will get ripped off.
NewEgg does over 2.3 billion in sales online and they take risk reduction very seriously.   They clearly display the “NewEgg Promise” all through the whole checkout process.


Lesson 2 – Items In The Shopping Cart Should Always Be Visible

The big suit retailer Joseph A. Bank, made big changes that ended up reducing shopping cart abandonment by more than 7%.  They made all items inside the customers shopping cart viewable from anywhere on their whole site.

They made this (and many more) changes after they studied the checkout processes of all of the top 100+ internet retailers.

The popular home goods store Crate and Barrel does 370+ million online in sales.  Here’s how they currently handle their cart visibility on the site.  The number 15 in the image below shows the number of items in the customers cart.  Hover over this area, and all of your items now become visible.



Lesson 3 – Tighten Up The Number Of Checkout Pages Your Using

Again, Joseph A Bank is back again with another lesson. It seems they also shortened the number of steps in their checkout process. They went from 5 to only 3 based on that same study of the top 100 internet retailers.

Make it EASY! – Speed and ease during the checkout process is crucial.

Nobody knows this better than Amazon — They do it faster than anyone with their one click checkout process.


Lesson 4 – Offer flat rate or FREE shipping

This probably isn’t possible for every single internet business and/or every product — but just offering free or discounted shipping makes a Huge difference.  The next best thing is flat rate shipping. A Forrester study showed that nearly 50% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of high shipping costs.

If you offer free or flat rate shipping advertise that fact early and often!

If you see a multi-million dollar online retailer promoting something site wide in the header, it’s probably very important to them.


What have you tested that is increasing sales?  Let us know in the comments below.