The Pooh Bear Marketing Approach


Your advertising, as well as online marketing campaigns, and email marketing efforts all should be tools and procedures you utilize to make your advertising sticky and sweet… just like Winnie The Pooh’s honey. That is the reason why we are calling this the Pooh bear method of advertising your business.

Whatever you do you should set those two variables, sticky and sweet, to work in everything you do. In email marketing, your social marketing, and sales funnels. Use them for all your marketing plans! That’s great, market like Pooh bear… but how do you do that exactly? Let’s look at what both of these variables actual mean…



You need your advertising perspective on your market to be laser focused. Target audience is this kind of word that the cool kids throw around, but instead think of your prospects as friends and family. When you are talking together with your buddies you’re sharing, you are not talking to your friends and family trying to get them to buy something everyday. When you shift your view, or “sweeten” your communicating. Your “buddies” will want more. Socialize more and they want to participate right along with you more. You’ll discover that communicating becomes a dialogue. Like Pooh’s honey, it is a welcome and sweet change from a dull, dull, press release, or email. Your marketing isn’t an e-mail blast but a pleasant beginning to participation or a continuing discussion.



The next variable is the variable that is sticky. That is actually where your advertising comes into play. You should confirm your marketing campaigns as well as your marketing strategy is centered on the long term benefits and value offered for your new “buddies”. You’re not trying to find a one time “rebound” from a web site visitor. But getting them to come back time after time. This can be the variable that is “Sticky”. This is accomplished by drip advertising by supplying advice that is useful at crucial steps in the sales funnel or at crucial points in time. Your leads are being nurtured by you along a specific system. This nurtured way of advertising is centered on truly being a source of real VALUE. Plus you’ll be consistently participating, and actively adding fresh content for your new leads, prospects, and customers.



The Pooh Bear Strategy

The consumer engages through content that is sweet plus an individual is kept by them through , continued visits that are sticky. You will discover all sorts of improved gains when your drip advertising and email marketing focus on those two variables. You may see a rise in repeat site visitors, your site bounce rate dropping, higher website positioning, and ultimately better conversion rates.

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